Just like a fairy tale

Short stories by Andy Clapp and Christoph Buchfink

Story of the week - to download and enjoy

Are your children bored and starting to pull up the floor boards to look for treasure or hiding grandpa's teeth? Don't worry!

Every week we share a new short story, adventure or modern fairy tale. Just download and read it to the postman, shout it to the neighbours through the hedge or enjoy it on your own under the blankets..

This week's story:


"Rubber Boy"


Blast! It’s school again. Worse, it’s detention, with Mr. Beasting: “The Beast” with his diabolical punishments. But this time he’ll regret coming up with such an inventive ordeal for Jonathan. It starts a chain of events that even the Beast didn’t reckon with. This is a story about magic powers and unforeseen consequences. It’s a short thriller for anyone who hates school detention and extra homework. Use it to start the new school term with a Bang! Or revisit it when you need to rub away those Monday morning classroom blues.


Recommended for readers from 6-14 and adults.




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