Just like a fairy tale

Short stories by Andy Clapp and Christoph Buchfink

Story of the week - to download and enjoy

Are your children bored and starting to pull up the floor boards to look for treasure or hiding grandpa's teeth? Don't worry!

Every week we share a new short story, adventure or modern fairy tale. Just download and read it to the postman, shout it to the neighbours through the hedge or enjoy it on your own under the blankets.. This week's story:

"Doctor Heinz Waffle"


Who stole the King`s hamster? Where are all the King's footmen ? And Guards? Why does the King keep his pet hamster in a cage on a pillow in his four poster bed? What has the Dastardly Rigatoni got to do with it? And why does he answer every question with a question?


What do you think? Don't worry- Doc. Waffle is trying to solve the problem.


Story of the week - free download
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And if you like, there's a second story for you:

"Hog MacFog"

 A highland mess


Lord William MacFog woke up one morning feeling strangely different and couldn`t remember anything of the day before. Everything felt piglike. When he breathed in, he grunted, and there was a split in the back of his  kilt and a little curly tail was sticking out. Besides that his daughter Wilma had vanished without a trace. When he tried to get rid of the stick he had tripped over, by throwing it on the fire, Bert the Burnt Genie kept appearing. How should he solve this problem especially as it was so difficult thinking, being a pig.


A very exciting Highland adventure was just beginning.


Another story of the week - free download
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A short overview of our stories

These were our stories of the week. If you missed them, just wait until they come round again!